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About Us

Our dance performance venues run the gamut from nursing homes to community events. We love to tap! Here are some of the things we like about being part of this group:

"Dancing, camaraderie"

"It's a very inspiring group of women! Dancing makes me feel young!"

"Dancing brings me so much joy. I love it! Also, I have made some wonderful new friends."

"The exercise, bringing pleasure to those who watch our shows and the camaraderie of the other dancers."

"It's a special part of my week. It's great seeing what women can do as we get older!"

"It's just fun!"

"The group is a great bunch and the exercise keeps me younger."

"I love to dance and enjoy the camaraderie of all the ladies. The costumes are also fun!"

"Sharing the joy of dancing with the group and our audience."

"I enjoy dancing and I love the friends I've made."

"Dancing with a fun group of gals, and it's an opportunity to give back to the community through our shows!"

"Lots of fun - nice group of ladies"

"A great group of ladies - makes me feel young again. I was a dancer in the past, and (I am) glad I am still able to do it."

"A fun group and good exercise"

"We are all seniors and I enjoy their company."

" has given me a challenge and blessed me with new friends and acquaintances - a great bunch of gals (and Bob) with fun and diverse personalities..."


Rehearsal Location:

Arthur Murray Dance Studio

10792 Montgomery Rd.

Cincinnati, OH

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